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Thanks for stopping by our blog, Print Matters, named after our fondness for all-things printed and for various topics pertaining to print. Here we plan on showcasing new products, highlighting recent projects, sharing tips & tricks and monitoring design trends. But why does any of this matter to you? Because we like sharing what we know to help you and/or your business grow! The more you know, the better your marketing and communications will be plus we love helping our customers by sharing our passion for print!

The Chief Editor of our blog is our Senior Graphic Designer, Beth Sutton, who has over 35 years of advertising and design experience. She’s worked on local, regional and national brands at various advertising agencies and in corporate settings. She loves monitoring trends, using as much color as possible in her designs and enjoys finding new fonts. And she swears she’d be a writer if she weren’t a Graphic Designer, so we thought who better to write our blog?

We encourage you to check back often for new blog posts. We hope our content will strike a chord with you and what you do although we welcome your feedback, so feel free to drop us a line any time!